Mark Rhodes, a diversity educator and strategist, conducts diversity culture audits and needs analyses, devises strategies and action plans, and facilitates diversity, sexual harassment prevention, multicultural customer service, conflict resolution and inter-group communication workshops. He works with each client to better understand its employees, customers, and other constituencies for a more productive and profitable future.
Mark has consulted to fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations in the U.S. and has spoken at several conferences and universities. He has trained employees from the senior executive suite to the factory floor.
Mark has presented to and trained managers, and executives in a broad range of industries including technology, health care, financial services, and retail. His practical knowledge in business management enables him to understand corporate perspectives and business needs.
From the combination of business education and experience comes his belief that managing and valuing diversity is part of a sound organizational.
Mark is also the director of the York City Youth League, a basketball program with 200 of our cities youth, and the general manager for the York City Little League. Mark has recently been named by USA Today Weekend magazine as one of the nations “Most Caring Coaches” and has been inducted into the “Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame” in Boise Idaho. Mark is also chairman of the Minority Business Development Council, and has been given numerous awards for his work in diversity and with inner city youth. He also sits on numerous boards and committees. Mark has trained
teachers in several York County School Districts, and staff at several Pennsylvania Universities. Mark is also a twenty year employee of Harley Davidson.

Our professional staff includes individuals with strong backgrounds in diversity and employee inclusion skills. We pride ourselves in making your train experience an engaged one, full of interaction with one another.


We identify technology, training, and processes to take your service team to the next level. 

Once we have executive buy-in, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish.

Key Learning Consultants monitors Key Performance Indicators at 3-week intervals, adjusting strategies as needed.

Key Learning Consultants uses surveys, interviews, and observation to conduct a comprehensive service audit.





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  • On-site Training
  • Needs Assessment
  • Preventative Training Programs
  • Cultural Assessment
  • Investigations
  • Mediation Services