Each of the following are workshops offered by Key Learning Consultants on an array of different subjects. Each workshop is filled with lectures, case studies, and videos and hands on activities all designed to enhance the learning experience.  
Each section can be purchased individually or in a series. Cost of the workshops will depend on content and number of participants. Handouts will be included in the cost. 

Sexual Harassment 

How much do you know about the law as it relates to sexual harassment? It is important that we
understand how to effectively work together. This three-hour class defines "sexual harassment", provides
discussion on different situations, and reviews the process for problem resolution.  

Diversity Awareness 
What is diversity and what is the impact of a diverse culture to your company now, and as we approach
the turn of the century? This three-hour class is designed to create awareness and expand our thinking
about diversity. In this workshop you will develop a common language and conceptual framework for
addressing diversity challenges and opportunities.  

Managing Diversity 
This course takes diversity to the next level. Participants will look into what diversity means to their
organizations by defining diversity. Also, diversity's impact on business, and a more in-depth look at
stereotypes and perceptions and cross-cultural communication. This course is for those who want to go
further in diversity. 
The Cultural Context of Diversity 
Deep values, systems, beliefs and norms underlie the way we interact with one another. This workshop
goes beyond diversity awareness concepts to offer an understanding look at how important culture is, and
how it affects our communities and workplace. 
Racial. Cultural and Social identity
This workshop will focus on identity development from infancy through adult maturity. An understanding
of this development is necessary to work with the ever-changing demographics in our communities and

Leading Confidently  

Today's environment demands that leaders make decisions that involve risk and take their stand in the
face of ambiguity or adversity. Managers who lead confidently confront problems directly and take action
based on what they believe is right Topics covered will be clarifying what is important to you. Taking a
stand for your company values, demonstrating managerial courage, confronting problems directly, being
decisive, and challenging others to make tough decisions.  

Becoming an Effective Presenter 

Are you terrified at the prospect of talking in front of an audience? Do you get dry mouth or butterflies in
your stomach? Do you ask yourself "Will I connect with my audience? Will I be effective? Don't feel alone,
even the professionals get nervous before giving a presentation. This class will give you an opportunity to
prepare and deliver presentations that are well or dynamic, and motivational. Learn how to control your
nerves and present a, confident presentation. 
Growing together and Working together 
How we think about others often starts with how we think about ourselves. Within each of us, two voices
struggle to be heard: the voice of your "best friend" and the voice of your "worst enemy. " This class will
explore the connection of how what we think of ourselves relates to how we think and feel about others.
The workshop will focus on self-esteem and things we can do to continue to grow together in our working
Giving and Receiving Feedback 
This workshop introduces participants to guidelines on both giving and receiving team feedback
Interpersonal skill development will be enhanced through hands on experiences, as the group is given the
opportunity to be both the giver and receiver of feedback 
Handling Change 

This workshop will explore how disorientation, a normal reaction to change, can affect individuals.  
The success of an organization experiencing change often depends- on how people react and adapt. This
workshop will give you the skills to minimize the potentially negative effects of change. 

Handling Conflict 
This workshop will help you understand the common sources of conflict and how differences in perception
can lead to conflict. You will learn how to recognize and avoid potential conflict, plan strategies for
handling conflict on the job, and build cooperation and teamwork to increase productivity and enhance
Consensus Decision Making 
This workshop looks at the many traditional ways of decision-making, then focuses on consensus
decision- making. The participants undergo a problem-solving exercise that requires practicing consensus
decision- making. Tools that will help the consensus process are discussed 
Effective Meeting Skills 
"Effective Meeting Skills" assist in group development and problem solving. Participants learn the four
segments of a meeting tool called a task cycle: purpose, agenda, products, and capabilities. This workshop
highlights different meeting styles and provides tools for getting all meeting attendees involved.

Viewing Conflict Positively 
Conflict, Anger, Strife, Resentment; What do these words mean to you? Do you think you need more
information on how to manage conflict? This workshop will help you see problem situations coming and
teach you how to avert them. You will also learn how to keep your cool, stop others from exploding, and
eventually come to a mutual understanding. 
"It's what you say and how you say it" 
What you say is just the beginning of the communication process. Non-verbal cues (how you say it) are
included with the words you communicate verbally. This workshop will offer advanced skills for the verbal
and non-verbal communication process. You will learn to enhance your communication skills by
intentionally sending non-verbal messages that agree with your verbal messages. 
The Nature of Change 
The work environment and culture is changing. How do you keep up? How do you overcome the fear,
denials, and resistance? In this workshop you will discover the dynamics of change and how to create
strategies that will allow you to deal with change and be accepting of the new and different. Learn how to
take risks and be more comfortable with change in your life. 
The Challenge of Communication 
It's more than how we speak. It's how we walk into a room, where we direct our gaze. This workshop is
designed to take you to the next level of effective communications. Building on your verbal, active
listening non-verbal, and feed-back skills, you will develop skills on how to keep the communication
channels open and active. Discussions will center on how to interact with people openly and directly,
communicating to make the right visual, vocal and verbal impact and the importance of direct and open
communications in fostering trust, enhancing the information flow and building stronger relationships. 
Strategic Thinking
This works-hop is designed in two segments. The first segment will focus on "Developing a Strategic
Mindset" including evaluating and enhancing your strategic thinking skills and developing a strategic
perspective of your own area. The second segment of this works-hop will be aimed at analyzing strategic 
thinking skills by identifying and capitalizing on strategic opportunities and developing strategic alliances 
to increase competitive advantage.

Engaging and Retaining a Diverse Workforce

Our workplaces are filled with age, ability, gender and ethnic diversity, yet how are these differences engaged? Are they ignored, tolerated, accepted or appreciated? If fully appreciated, a diverse team has the potential for greater innovation and creativity than a homogenous group. Welcoming and inclusive workplaces experience less turnover and sick time. Learn tools and techniques for creating a welcoming climate. Consider policies and practices for strengthening your organization’s engagement with diversity. Join this interactive workshop to explore these issues and move your workplace more fully toward a culture of inclusivity and appreciation for differences. 


Engaging Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations

Help your organization make the most of diversity through increased creativity and innovation, enhanced employee engagement and better service to clients. Explore systemic barriers and inclusive practices in designing communication strategies with employees, clients and customers. Learn to develop policy frameworks; engage in community consultation; lead and supervise staff and volunteers; and plan programs. Discover best practices and current thinking for diversity and inclusion initiatives.

This workshop is a full (8rh) day. It can be broken into two four hour days or four two hour days.

Identity and Intergroup Relations

Review identity development models and explore how culture, ethnicity and race shape intercultural interactions. Look at the impact of systemic issues of power and privilege. Develop practical strategies for meaningful intergroup dialogue and engagement.

Moving Teams Beyond Diversity to Inclusion

Learn tools to build culturally diverse and inclusive teams. Enhance your skills to establish, motivate and lead your existing group toward inclusion. Develop strategies for transforming conflict and understand the influence of culture on teamwork. Examine different methods for strengthening synergy, relationships, cooperation and cohesion in your team.

Strategies for Effective Intercultural Communication

Build essential skills that can help organizations and communities benefit from the many opportunities that diversity presents. Learn how culture affects communication and how you can embrace differences with more ease and confidence. Find out how power imbalances can impact interactions and discover practical tools to reduce misunderstandings and strengthen inclusivity.

Culture, Communication and Development

Learn to recognize the effect of different cultural approaches to development work and develop ethical strategies for increasing understanding and respectful collaboration. Examine how our communication style, what we value and how we define development are all affected by our culture. Appreciate the challenges of nurturing equal partnerships in view of our histories of privilege and oppression.


The Challenge of Cross Cultural Communication

Culture is often at the root of communication challenges. Our culture influences how we approach problems, and how we participate in groups and in communities. When we participate in groups we are often surprised at how differently people approach their work together. This workshop is designed to take you to the next level of effective communications. Building on your verbal, active listening non-verbal, and feed-back skills, you will develop skills on how to keep the communication channels open and active. Discussions will center on how to interact with people openly and directly, communicating to make the right visual, vocal and verbal impact and the importance of direct and open communications in fostering trust, enhancing the information flow and building stronger relationships.

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